Thursday, July 24, 2008

cabin fever. . .in july?

Oh man, I'm having flashbacks from February! We've been forced inside so much from all this awful rain, it feels like winter all over again. Today, the weather got so severe that trees were knocked over, cars flipped up, and houses were destroyed in the state. Aaron had to come home early, as the seacoast was just too unsafe.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wow, I guess he really loves school!

At the end of preschool, I decided to sign Cooper up for Mrs. Porter's summer program, which consists of three mornings a week, for four weeks. I knew this was a good decision when Cooper woke up the second day of school vacation, and informed me that he was "soooo bored."

Monday night, when I tucked Cooper into bed, I reminded him that in the morning, he'll be going to Mrs. Porter's. He was SO excited! 5am Tuesday morning, and Cooper comes limping into my room. Apparently, he had twisted his ankle a bit jumping off the diving board (which really deserves it's own post- Cooper is a swimming fool!) and by morning it was very sore, and just a bit swollen.

So I tuck him in bed next to me, and like I knew he would, he fell right asleep. When we all woke to start our day an hour or so later, he had forgotten about the ankle until he stepped out of bed. Poor little guy, he couldn't put hardly any pressure on it, and limped around the room. However- over and over again, he told me that he was "ok" while holding the wall while he walked, and hopping on his good foot.

Now everyone knows that Cooper can be, um, a bit on the dramatic side. He tends to make a HUGE deal out of seemingly little things. As I watch Cooper hobble around downstairs, literally biting his lip through the pain, I just can't believe how much of a trooper he is being. Admittedly, I was wondering if he had some arterial motives for such total compliance.

I get him set up on the couch, foot elevated, with an ice pack. I really felt bad for him, it's always awful for me to see one of my children in pain. I keep telling him over and over again how well he is taking this. Finally, he asks me:

"Mom, you aren't going to make me stay home from school, are you?"

He was petrified that I was going to keep him from going to Mrs. Porter's. :) I realized that the day will come that Cooper will use any excuse to get out of going to school, but for now I'm milking his love for school for all it's worth.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

well, shows what a country girl *I* am!

Several nights ago, Aaron and I were outside watching the bats wiz around, when he heard coyotes attacking an animal, not all that far from the house (ok, they weren't on our land or anything. . . but close enough for me) We stood in silence for a while listening. We still have our I-can't-believe-we-really-live-out-in-the-woods moments, and this was certainly one of them.

So now, I'm just a little more cautious in making sure the cats are in at night. No problem getting Carlos in, he's too much of a mamas boy to be out after dark.

Friday morning, I drop the kids off with my mother while I teach, and walk back home. On my way back, I notice an animal walking around the road up ahead of me. As I get closer, I try and squint to see what it is. A large dog? Maybe a baby moose? (ok, wishful thinking, but I can't come to terms with NEVER seeing a moose!) The closer I get, the more I start to think about the coyotes from the other night. I convince myself that I'm looking at a very large coyote, which is certainly rabid if it's walking around the road in the daylight. A quick detour in my walk puts me right in my backyard. All day I think about my "brush with a rabid coyote"

Of course I tell my mother about seeing the beast. She can't believe I got that close to one. I reminded her that I stayed far back, so far that with the shade it was in and all, I couldn't see it all that well.

Yeah. Good call Suzanne. You know what the mystery beast turned out to be? A newborn foal that had gotten out of the fence at the horse farm across the street. I mistook a baby horse for a coyote. I guess it's a good thing that I didn't get it the other way around. . .and take my kids up the road to pet the rabid coyote.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

my camping man

Aaron makes no qualms about it- he hates camping. We camped out in Nova Scotia for our honeymoon, and on the way home he informed me that was most likely the last time we'd camp out like that. (wimp!) The kids and I are always nagging him to go camping, however, all to no avail.

A few weeks ago, Aaron's brother Pete calls to invite Aaron on a camping / canoeing trip down the Saco River. Pete, and six other guys all meet up once a year for a three day expedition into manliness. They canoe down the river all day, and set up camp alongside the river each night.

Now, for some reason that I can't understand, Aaron agrees to go on this trip. (hmm, is 36 too young for an early midlife crisis?) I can't get Aaron to camp for one night at a campground five minuets from our house, but he's going to do this mega macho man trip with seven other guys (six of which, by the way, are Eagle Scouts!)

So, off he goes Friday morning with his backpack, ready to conquer nature. I'm getting the vibe that all these super-campers are more then likely in their early 20's, and most certainly used to all this outdoor ruggedness. Aaron just might be in over his head.

Something tells me that he'll be crawling into bed the moment he comes home Sunday afternoon. . .sometime nature conquers the man. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

happy anniversary to us

Today marks seven years of marriage for Aaron and I :) We will be celebrating tonight with cheeseburgers and french fries with the boys. We had a lovely day at the beach yesterday. The Coldwell / Riccio family reunion is in Wells Maine every year, and we rarely miss it. It was a good time as always, fun family and good food. The weather was especially nice this year, and the kids had a blast running around on the beach. Can't wait for the reunion next year!