Monday, June 30, 2008

rock ball

So, you know how I ended my last entry going to check on the boys? It's a good thing I did. They were playing "rock ball," Which is Taggart pitching a rock to Cooper, poised with a baseball bat and ready to beam his little brother off the head with the rock.


just a little update

With summer in full swing (ok, all this rain has confused me about it actually being summer!) we've been doing so much, that blogging has falled to the side a bit, but I thought I'd pop in and give a little update.

The yard and garden are coming along amazingly well. Aaron works on the land like I've never seen him, he's SO proud of this place. Certainly on the top three reasons I'm glad he is sober is that he's taken all his former sit-around-and-drink time to work on the yard. He takes great pride in his work, and it certainly shows!

My garden is plugging along, although I'll admit I'm a bit overwhelmed with it. This garden (like the yard space) is many, many times bigger then any space I've ever had. Weeding it is a full time job, which I'm ok with- it's just taking some getting used to. However, in a few days will start harvesting summer squash and zucchini, and I'm sure that will make it all worth it.

The kids are well, although I think Cooper is already bored of summer vacation (greeeeat) and misses his friends. I've signed him up for the summer program at Mrs. Porter's (his "former" preschool) which runs for four weeks, end of July and beginning of August. So I suppose I have, what, three weeks and one day left :) He's all geared up for Kindergarten. We recently found out that he got into Mrs. Wheeler's class, which pleases me, as I was crossing my fingers that he got her.

Taggart is Taggart, happy as a lark most of the time. . .screaming like a banshee the rest of the time. He's taken to start potty training himself. I pushed Cooper when he wasn't ready, which greatly backfired on me, so I've been sure to led Tagg lead me as to when he is ready. He does wonderful when we're home, only wearing a diaper for nap and bedtime. Ahhhh, I can't even think too much about being done with diapers- it's such an exciting idea!

My teaching has slowed down, as it always does in the summer, but this time I did manage to keep five students, so at least I have a little income coming in. This week I'm applying for a job at the elementary school after school program teaching private lessons, and group music classes. This job would be so perfect for me, I'll update when I know if I got it.

Ok- the kids are playing outside, and I just realized that they are far too quite. Those that are parents can understand- I never worry when I hear laughing / fussing / shouting / whining. It's the SILENCE that makes me nervous, I better go check on them.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

being an adult is so nice

Well, Mother Nature came through for my birthday and broke the heat wave. After last nights' big storm, the humidity dropped down, and today is lovely. So today, I ring in my 30th birthday enjoying my children, a sunny day, and dinner out with my husband. Life is good :)