Monday, August 31, 2009

acorn acres rainbow

I realize a picture of a rainbow always falls completly flat- but the sight in person took our breath away

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

can't hear alpaca?

note on that video- you have to pause the music on the blog (left hand side) to be able to hear the humming over the tunes :)

what does an alpaca say?

Poor quality from my phone, but a cute clip of my alpaca "humming" :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tagg's baby

You never know what kids will play with!

A few weeks ago, Tagg was out walking with Grandpa, looking at the fruit trees. Watching from afar, my mother and I looked onto a precious bonding time between the two. Walking back up to the house, Taggart clutched something in his hand (and, as a mother of boys, I'm always Leary of my children coming inside holding something- you never know what it might be)

He bounced into the house to show me his treasure. A peach that had fallen off the tree early. Well, technically, I suppose it was a peach, even though it was little more then a pit covered with golden fuzz. He told me it was his "baby." I asked him what he was going to name his baby. After looking quizzically off into space, he told me:

"Peachy the Cucumber"

Ok, so now the fuzzy pit has a name. Peachy the Cucumber. For the next hour or so, he plays with Peachy the Cucumber at my parents house. Giving him (or, hmm, her? Never can tell the sex of peach pits) rides in his trucks, and tucking him in for a nap at one point.

Obviously, he brings his baby home with us after our visit. He and Cooper are buzzing around the driveway, riding bikes and playing in the sprinkler. Well, out of NO WHERE, a leghorn chicken (who had clearly been stalking this pit) flies right up against Tagg, and snags Peachy the Cucumber out of his hands. Tagg shouts: "MY BABY!" as the chicken wobbles away, content with it's prize pit. Cooper, the valiant big brother that he is, starts chasing the chicken telling his brother how it's going to be ok, he'll get the baby back.

So, picture this. Tagg is laying on the driveway, sobbing. Cooper is chasing a VERY fast chicken around, who desperately wants to keep his stolen treasure. Finally, Cooper out turns the chicken, and rips the pit out of his mouth, while shouting to his brother "Tagg, I got your baby back!"

Tagg was thrilled to be reunited with Peachy the Cucumber. Even though the wrestle match with the chicken left the little pit all scraped up and wet. Tagg had his baby, and his brother had save the day :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

we're officially farmers!

The alpaca came home yesterday, with much anticipation and excitement. It's really been an easy transition for them, they seem to be doing very well. Curious, as alpaca are by nature, they follow us everywhere outside. If we're outside, they are outside, closest to us as they can be. If we're in the barn, they are in the barn. They think the chickens are fun to chase, and they are very interested in Carlos (who, being scared of everything, is pretty much ignoring them) check out the pictures!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

next weekend...

We will be official alpaca farmers! :D Our boys come home to live with us next Saturday. It's been a whirlwind of a summer preparing for their arrival. I am amazed at what Aaron and I are able to do together, the work we've done by ourselves is astonishing.

Also on the farming front- we've been getting eggs from our chickens for a few weeks now. We're up to a dozen a day, so Aaron's been bringing eggs to work, and we've been supplying my family with farm fresh eggs . They're delicious!

I'll be sure to post lots of pictures next week of our alpaca's homecoming. :)