Thursday, January 31, 2008

Per request (thanx Chuck!) We've decided to keep a family blog- even though I resisted it for many years. I've caved! We are really enjoying living in the woods. It is so quiet and peaceful here, although we miss our friends from Contoocook dearly (ok, we have moments of wishing we actually had neighbors!) All and all though, it was a very good move for us.

I am very much so looking forward to spring (I know, thinking in advance) we moved here in November, and never really got to enjoy our beautiful land. I'm excited to getting my fingers in the dirt, plant my garden, and letting the boys play outside.

Cooper is doing wonderfully at preschool. He's dropped all the "I can'ts" and is really showing his true colors. In a month or so, I'll start the process of registering for kindergarten (ahhhhh) but for now, I'm just enjoying the three morning breaks.

Taggart really has to be the happiest child ever. He enjoys life to the fullest, we should all be so peaceful. He's been using the potty often, even though I'm not remotely pushing it, because I did that with Cooper, and it really backfired on me. I won't make that mistake again!

Aaron's doing wonderfully at his winter job, driving a propane truck (even though I REALLY hate the way he smells when he gets home, P-U!) This winter job has been a real lifesaver for us, I hope he will be able to pick it up every year. I know he's happy to be working, but I also know how much he misses his trailer dump. I keep reminding him he'll have that looong commute again, soon enough.

Lessons are going well, I've finally got the kids in a good routine while I teach- how I love my babysitter. I really enjoy teaching, I've found a great rhythm in it.

I'm attaching (ok, I'm new to this, so I am going to *try* and attach) my favorite picture ever of my boys. I love that they are both wearing tee shirts that I wore as a child. Cooper looks so much like Aaron, and Tagg looks much like his mother. :)