Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tagg's first joke

The other morning, just after waking up, the boys and I were having our daily cuddle-in-bed-before-starting-the-day ritual. I told them I had a dream about the chickens we will be getting in a few months. This - of course - launched the boys into a thousand questions and comments. So Tagg says to me:

"Mommy, the baby chickens say Borak Borak Borak Borak"

His little hands were bouncing around the bed, apparently the way little chicks would walk around. Then, out of no where, he starts giggling like mad. I asked him what was so funny, and he said:

"Mommy, we should name the chickens Obama, because they say Borak!"

You tell me, what two and a half year old makes a political joke?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

surviving winter so far

Nine days without power, and a month without school. Honestly, I feel as thought I can take anything at this point. (Did I just jinx myself or what?) Both kids were troopers throughout the power/school/friend/normality drought, although I started to wither towards the end of it all.

We had a two hour delay yesterday, due to more ice (really, how much more ice is there to fall?) first day back after a month off, and it's a delay, go figure. Anyhow winter is half over (right, I can call it that now?) so were getting there.

Already picking out spring flowers. That's not putting the cart before the horse, is it?