Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy birthday, happy earth day

Today is Tagg's second birthday :) It's also Earth Day, which the kids and I really get into. I'm taking Tagg to buy his first big boy bike this morning, then the kids and I are going for a walk to pick up trash. Well, I suspect that Taggart will be riding his bike while Cooper and I walk :)

Tonight is a little family party at my parents, I'll be sure to post pictures.

Happy birthday, little baby.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

spring has definitly sprung!

Well, it is finally here- beautiful weather! This week has been so lovely, the kids and I have been outside ALL DAY LONG. Literally, we come inside for food and Tagg's nap, then back out till bedtime.

While I am so very thankful to finally be outside, I think we might have underestimated the amount of raking that would be needed to bring the yard up to par. I'm pretty sure the land has gone neglected for some time now, so we are dealing with years of back maintenance. I promise I'm not complaining though. . .it is still fabulous to be outside in the fresh air and working on the land.

A few days ago, my father came over to check out the clean up process (he'll say he just stopped by to pick up his dog, but really I know he wanted to see how everything is coming.) He looked at the plot that we had tilled at the end of the fall for my garden. His comment was:

" Hmm, doesn't seem so big now. Seems a shame not to have a bigger garden with all this space."

"Well Dad, it is still five times bigger then my last garden, I'm pretty happy."

"Yeah, true I guess"

I knew exactly what that meant. This afternoon, he showed up with his tractor, and started ripping up the ground around the garden, and back toward the woods to make more gardening space. (about twice as much!) Being the farmer at heart, my father knows that his apple didn't fall far from the tree. His comment to me when I came out to see him smiling ;

"You better plan on canning" :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

finally. . .green stuff!

The weather man had promised a few semi decent days this past weekend, and we had planned to spend our time outside starting spring cleanup (still mostly snow covered ground, but we figured we start on the bare patches.) Well, as it typical in New England, the weather man was wrong.

It was clammy, and a bit drizzly, but that wasn't going to stop us. We finally got the chance to have a walk around the property, starting to pick up all the junk left behind after years of yard neglect. And yes, we even got the pleasure of seeing little green things popping up everywhere. We are pretty sure it is all tiger lilies (which are not my favorite) but at least SOMETHING is growing!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

happy birthday Carlos. . no fools!

Today is our beloved Carlos's sixth birthday. For those of you whom have never met him, trust me, he is the very best dog that ever lived. He is patient and kind with the kids, who are rarely as good to him. He is loyal, playful, cuddly, gentle. We love you Carlos, (aka GaGa and Gah Bee)
The boys and I celebrated the special day by taking the birthday boy out for a long walk. It was windy, and drizzling, but at least it was 60 degrees out. Then when we got home, we made a "cake" out of dog bones, stuck a match on top (I really should have birthday candles around the house) sung him Happy Birthday, and blew out his "candle". While he enjoyed his treat, we had pie and ice cream. (the boys use any reason to celebrate with ice cream!)

It is also April Fools Day (just in case anyone had forgot) The morning started out with Cooper randomly pointing outside saying "Look at that!!" just to have me look, and say "Haha, it's nothing- April Fools! " Oh yeah, good one Cooper.

I had all intention of playing a joke on Aaron this morning. Last night, as we were heading up to bed, I went over to Aaron's tea mug- already prepped with a tea bag, and some ridiculous amount of sugar. Replace the sugar with salt. Perfect, classic gag. I was ready to go, sneaking out the big blue cylinder of salt. Then I had this picture in my head of my beloved husband waking up at 4:45 am, preparing for his LONG day of work. Schlepping downstairs for his morning tea to wake him up for said long day- I know how much the man loves his tea and news before work.

Well, I chickened out. I just couldn't bear to start his day out like that. Besides, the time I painted his fingernails red in his sleep (then hid the nail polish remover, of course) was joke enough to last many years :)